Roger Johnson is such a stand-out songwriter and driving force for old-time religion and old-time gospel music!” - Les Butler

SGN Scoops Magazine- feature article, March 2019

About the Songwriter, Roger Johnson...

Heaven's Mountain Band's songs reach deep into hearts and change lives with the pure Gospel message.   They have had 10 consecutive #1 hits, been in top venues around the US, and continue to draw packed houses and music lovers from around the globe.  

Patriarch, Roger Johnson, has been writing songs since 1985, and while Heaven's Mountain Band has seen multiple chart successes, many other artists have recorded his songs with great chart success over the years too.  Artists like, Rhonda Vincent, the Primitive Quartet, the Old Time Preachers Qt, Les Butler, and many more!

When asked about his songwriting, Roger Johnson humbly replied, "I once was asked a question about how to minister to someone in a song, my reply was 'I preach with a guitar around my neck.'  Songwriting is, and always has been, a part of my life.  It does my heart good to know that another soul has been robbed from satan because of a few words in a song.  I know that songs have to come from The Lord, and I want Him to get All The Glory.


10 Consecutive # 1 Hits!

1-   Somebody Prayed 
2-   I'll Ride This Ship to the Shore 
3-   When His Blood Fell 
4-   I Went Under the Blood 
5-   Who's Waiting for Me (Note; this song made #1 twice, 3 months apart)
6-   Since The Lord Came By 
7-   When The Savior Called Me 
8-   When the Storm is in My Path 
9-   Most Requested Prayer 
10- The Empty Altar 

Other Artists Who Have Recorded Roger Johnson's Songs

  • Rhonda Vincent- "Momma and God"

  • Paul Williams- "That Ole Church Bell"

  • The Primitive Quartet- "Covered in Grace"

  • The Old Time Preachers Quartet- "I'll Ride This Ship To The Shore"
    (#5 in The Singing News Southern Gospel chart)

  • Mike Upright- "Someone Left the Light On" and "How's God Doing"

  • Marvin Morrow/Paul Williams- "Somebody Prayed" and "Old Church Bell"

  • Cross Hollow/Rhonda Vincent- "Mama and God"

  • Les Butler- "When His Blood Fell" and "The Empty Altar"

  • Jeff Tolbert- "Somewhere I Long to Be" and "It's In The Blood"

  • Paul Family Bluegrass- "Covered in Grace" and "Sin's Dark Road"

  •  The King James Boys- "Super Water" 
    (# 1 Singing News Bluegrass Gospel chart) 

  • Terry Terrell- "Heroes of Prayer," "Graveyard of Sin," and "Wedding Bells"