Group Bio

Celebrating 36 Years in Ministry!

Heaven's Mountain Band was formed in February 1986. Having sung at church revivals and gospel meetings, Roger and Deborah Johnson were asked to sing at a local benefit singing, they left that night with requests to sing at other places. Heaven’s Mountain was born. Soon after, they recorded their first major release with The Eddie Crook Company in Nashville, Tennessee. Their first chart song was, "I Feel the Later Rain Coming Down." The next project, "When Children Cry," garnered another Singing News chart hit for them.

Heaven's Mountain Band's primary goal has always been that the lost would be saved and hurting hearts would be lifted up. The smiles and the tears observed when they sing is evidence that people are being blessed and affirms that they are doing what God has called them to do. Heaven's Mountain Band always wants to be anointed by God, and they count it a blessing that God has allowed them to be in His service.

Over the last few years, Heaven’s Mountain Band has established themselves as one og Bluegrass Gospel’s top groups. They have garnered ten consecutive Singing News #1 songs, multiple Singing New Fan Award Nominations, and have been featured in many prestigious venues like Shadow Valley, Hominy Valley, and Dollywood.

With the release of their newest project, Better Times, on the FMG Bluegrass label, the Alabama based group shows no sign of slowing down.

Roger Johnson

Songwriter/Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar/Banjo

Roger was saved at the age of 13. The Lord called Roger to preach at the age of 15. Roger states, "I thank God for a praying mama, my wife and family, and for those old 'Men of God' who took a stand for Jesus and the old time way....all the way." Roger sings lead and plays rhythm guitar and banjo. He is a prolific songwriter and has written many charting songs for Heaven's Mountain Band as well as other artists. Roger's goal is to brag on Jesus, lift Him up, and help someone along the way.

Deborah Johnson

Vocalist/Rhythm Guitar

Deborah grew up in East Tennessee with godly parents and eight siblings. She began singing at an early age. Deborah and Roger married very young in life. She's thankful for her Christian family. Deborah believes her greatest accomplishment is that she's "born again." Deborah states, "My goal is to see souls saved and make Heaven my Home." 

Rodney Johnson

Lead Guitar

Rodney, son of Roger and Deborah Johnson, grew up around church and gospel music from his early childhood. Rodney started playing the bass for Heaven's Mountain Band in the early 1990s. After the group took a break from traveling, they restructured in 2011, with Rodney returning as the lead guitarist. He is married to Stacy Johnson, and they have four children - Gavin, Tori, Seth, and Ashton. All of his children are interested in music and are currently learning how to play various instruments.

Gavin Johnson


I’m just a sinner saved by grace. I ought to be in Hell, but he made a way. That’s enough to thank Him for.
I’ve been playing music and singing for 9 years.

I was blessed to be called to preach in 2016

God has also allowed me to pursue songwriting

Ashton Johnson

Tenor Vocals

I was 10 years old, and it was on a Wednesday night In October. I was on my bed and that night Bro. Lee Davis was preaching on Heaven and Hell and I Got under conviction and knew I was lost but I didn’t say anything because I had made a profession of faith when I was 4, but soon realized I had to be saved that night, so I text my mom and she led me to the Lord that night,

My family had been wanting me to sing for a while, but I was too shy to ever go up, but I told them I would do one song, so they taught me how to sing tenor to “Covered in Grace” and when Christy was no longer able to travel with us, they asked me to go up with them.  I've been singing ever since, and I love it.

Seth Johnson


I started playing the fiddle in Heaven’s Mountian Band when I was 10 years old. I’ve currently been playing for almost 9 years and have enjoyed every second of it.   I’m blessed to play in a bluegrass Gospel group and, through music, share the Gospel. I always get a blessing from the singings we go to. I’m very blessed to play in a group that doesn’t “perform” but just has church every time we stand up and play. I’m glad I can say, I don’t travel to play the fiddle, but to serve the Lord that died for me, and saved me.