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What Others Are Saying

I'm an elderly man and I came across your music on the radio. I called the Station to get HMB phone # To order the CD, "When His Blood Fell."  My brother was dying with cancer and these songs were my inspiration to get thru this tough time in my life! I got to see HMB later that year in Tallahassee, Florida.  We drove 6 hrs to be with them. Praise The Lord!

I got one of HMB CD's at a Christmas party at our Church for a Gift, "When His Blood Fell". I took it Home and could not believe what I was hearing. These are the kind of songs that I heard when I was a Child. What a Blessing !

I ordered the CD, " This Ole House of Mine" for my parents they are in their late 70's. My mom asked if I would listen to one of the songs after she got it. I told her that I would come by one evening and listen. Since then we have bought every CD that HMB has for our family!