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Roger Johnson

I started preaching at age 14. About once a month Bro. A.B. Bullen would invite me to preach at the small church where he was Pastor. What a great man of God.

I have been married to my precious wife Debbie Johnson for 38 years, and we have two children, Rodney Johnson and Tina Hester. We have seven grandchildren: Gavin, Tori, Seth, Ashton, Dylan, Noah and Ty. A daughter in law, Stacy and a son in law, Adam.

Debbie and I have been singing together since we first met. When I would preach revivals Debbie would always have a good song that God put on her heart. We look forward to serving God until we see his precious son's face.

Besides singing and playing guitar in the band, Roger also writes most all the songs performed by Heavens Mountain Band.

Deborah Lynn Johnson

I started singing at age 12 with my brother and sister, Mike and Teresa Wooten. Our group name was The Wooten Trio, from Guntersville Alabama. We sang at trade days, many churches and live radio broadcasts.

My brother Mike went home to be with the Lord in 2005, and then my dear dad Buford went to be with the Lord in 2009. I still have my precious mother, Dimple Yvonne Moore Wooten. She is truly a Saint and prayer warrior.

Roger and I have a most wonderful family:
Our loving son Rodney and daughter Tina.
Our daughter in law Stacy, and son in law Adam
and seven outstanding grandchildren.

Roger and I love serving God to the fullest. Our ministry in word and song keeps us forever grateful to be chosen by our most wonderful Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

In God's favor,

Christy Steele

The seed about Christ was planted in me as a child by my grandparents, Carl and Sybil Patterson.

If you stayed at their house this is what you would find. Every morning and every night was prayer and devotional. When it was time to go to church you went and anything in between! I am so thankful for their obedience to God and their prayers for me!

After years of living life and riding on their "coat tails". The Lord convicted me that I wasn't saved. That it didn't matter how much work I did at church or how good I was, I was still lost. I'll never forget that day, gripping that church pew,thinking what is everyone going to think! Little did I realize they seen through my disguise and had been praying for me.

After that first step to the altar, the devil lost! Praise God!

As far as singing, I remember at a young age, my grandparents had a full length mirror on the bathroom door and i would take a light bulb and tie string to it and use that as my microphone. Thinking back, I guess what inspired me about singing was a family ministry that moved in the area and we would go to their camp meetings. My grandparents became close to them, so Izseen them often. I remember when they would sing, I would think, i would love to do that. I believe my grandmother seen that and there is no doubt in my mind she prayed for the Lord to use me. I been traveling and singing gospel music since 1998.

I am now, after all these years realizing my calling from God. To some it may not mean nothing more than just "a singing" but for me during the song services, you see people lifting their hands in praise to God or seeing them humbly cry as their hearts are stirred and then the ultimate moment, when somebody gets saved, it's more than just "a singing". Just knowing that God allows me to be a part of that moment makes me want to be even closer to God.

I count it an honor and truly a blessing to be a part of Heaven's Mountain Band. Roger, Debbie and Shorty, my brother and sisters, I love them so much and thank God that I have them in my life!

Anita "Shorty" Davis

Gospel music has always been a part of my life, thanks to my Mother, Hilma Ann Ramey. My first memory of singing in church is standing on the piano stool singing while she played the piano. That’s where I learned about God,salvation, gospel music, and harmonies. I thank God for my Christian Mother and her Christian influence in my life. God has blessed me with one son, Casey, who I love with all my heart. When I think of how much I love him, it reminds of how great the Love of God is, that He would give His only Son that we might be redeemed.

I thank God for Christy, who kept encouraging me to come and visit the little country church called Eternal Praise. It was there, I come to know and love Roger and Debbie and their family. It was also there, in that little country church, that God gave me the knowledge of His Powerful Anointing Spirit. The song, “ Picture of Grace”, is the story of my life in a song. I’m so honored and blessed that God chose to let me be a part of Heaven’s Mountain Band.


Heaven's Mountain Band, formed in November 1986, started out singing in Church singings, Revivals and doing Gospel at bluegrass festivals. We later got more serious about Ministry and spreading the Gospel in song. We recorded our first major album with the Eddie Crook Company in 1989 and would go on to record three albums with that label.

In 1987 Heaven's Mountain Band had its first song to chart on the Singing News Gospel charts. The song was "I feel the latter rain".

In 1989 "When children cry" made it to #53 on the Singing News Gospel charts. We have always been a trio group. We have performed country gospel as well as bluegrass gospel.

We are especially excited about our new project that was recorded at Maggard Studio in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. This project is entitled "Picture of Grace", which is also the title track of the CD.

We have traveled in nine states ministering through our music. These states are Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Virginia and Texas.

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